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Skeyeon Inc.

We plan to fly satellites in orbits others cannot, & tap into the multi-Billion $$ Earth Data market

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San Diego, CA
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April 29, 2024
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Raised over $2 million from investors so far, and we are part of several government contracts. Ron Reedy's last venture, Peregrine Semiconductor, sold for almost $500 million! Earth monitoring is ripe for disruption by Skeyeon, now dominated by large, slow government agencies By planning to orbit closer than anyone else has, we get better optical resolution, data speed, etc. Solved key issues specific to satellites in VLEO orbits, i.e. propulsion, atomic oxygen erosion, etc Developed patented technologies necessary to orbit microsatellites at an altitude of 100-350 km. Team of experts from fields related to optics, telemetry, coatings, RF links, and space systems, etc Aiming for 1 meter resolution images and building an image database for earth monitoring.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ron Reedy CEORon has over 45 years of experience in advanced research and development. He is the co-inventor of UltraCMOS™ technology, and subsequently the co-founder of pSemi Corporation (formerly Peregrine Semiconductor)., Massimo Comparini Market, Business, & Competitive AnalysisMassimo advises Skeyeon with his 38+ yrs in the areospace industry. Currently Deputy CEO and Sr EVP Observation, Exploration and Navigation at Thales Alenia Space, and CEO of Thales Alenia Space Italia, he brings a unique perspective to Skeyeon operations, Thomas Schwartzentruber Aerodynamics and Vehicle DesignTom Schwartzentruber, Ph.D., provides technical expertise for aerodynamics, propulsion, & attitude control, & is on Skeyeon’s Executive Advisory Board since 2015. Tom is Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics at the Univ. of Minnesota since 2008., Timothy K. Minton Materials and Space MaterialsDr. Minton is in charge of materials and coatings for Skeyeon, including our proprietary low drag, atomic-oxygen resistant material. He is currently professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Univ. of Colorado, studying rarefied planetary atmospheres etc., Mike Knowles Business Development & Government RelationsMike Knowles is the VP/GM of C5ISR systems at Curtiss Wright, and has 30+ years in global aerospace & defense markets. He’s a retired Navy officer & Naval Test Pilot School grad, with an MBA from George Mason University, a BS & MS in Aerospace Engineering, Joseph Ford Optical EngineeringDr. Ford is the lead optical engineer at Skeyeon, and professor of electrical & computer engineering at UCSD. He is an OSA & IEEE Fellow, author of 200+ journal articles & proceedings, and inventor on over 50 USA optical communication and imaging patents., Ron Melanson Business, Computers and RFRon is Chief Engineer & Operations for EvoNexus Silicon Valley. Previously he was VP of Engineering at Oracle. Prior to that he was both Sun MicroSystems Distinguished Engineer & VP of Engineering. He has a BS & MS in E.E. at Northeastern University, Dan Nobbe Radio Systems, Intellectual Property & RegulatoryDan is responsible for our RF systems, regulatory approvals, and patents, and serves on Skeyeon's Expert Advisory Board since 2017. He is currently V.P. of RF & Radar Systems at MatrixSpace, has 45+ patents, and was Director of IP Development at pSemi, Erica Helgerson IP ManagerErica is an IP and Innovation Leader. Recently she managed a patent portfolio of over 1000 assets at pSemi Corp. The portfolio was recognized as a ‘Top 10’ by IEEE. She has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and is a registered patent agent with the USPTO, Jackie Townsend Marketing CommunicationsJackie’s role at Skeyeon is to support the company’s internal and external communications. She is a branding expert and Chief Strategist for Townsend Team, turning underdogs into market leaders, with a program called The Big Brand Workshop., Fred Hill

Amount Raised : $94,362
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