AI-video animation software company with 122% user growth in 2022

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When was the last time you felt profound emotions for an animated character? The world of animation has burgeoned from mere entertainment to a creative medium for communication, storytelling, and education, and more. With the rising popularity of streaming platforms, gaming, and educational apps, animation has become an important facet of contemporary media consumption.iv vAccording to Precedence Research, the global animation market size was valued at $392.54 billion in Beyond its popularity, animation, especially 3D animation, presents its set of challenges. The cost of producing high-quality 3D animations can be high, encompassing expenses from software licenses and specialized hardware to the skilled labor required. As the demand for animated content diversifies, grows, and expands across age groups and sectors, from advertisements to e-learning, the industry grapples with the need for cost-effective solutions that don't compromise on quality.vii viii ix x      Founded in 2016, UNOMi offers artificial intelligence- (AI-) driven animation software designed to simplify the animation process. Its products, such as the Avatar Creator Plugin and the 2D and 3D Lip Sync Applications, integrate with popular animation platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Motion, and are designed to make the creation process more efficient.xi Through these solutions, users can access animation capabilities and create a fully-realized persona without the need for specialized equipment or training. Since inception, UNOMi’s suite of animation software has been leveraged by more than 1,100 users. In 2022, the company gained 610 new users, representing a year-over-year increase of approximately 122% from 2021. Additionally, the company is in early-stage discussions with employees from major corporations in the entertainment industry as well as universities with animation programs for the use its animation software.xii

Key Deal Facts

In 2022, the company increased its user base by approximately 122% year-over-year, to a total of around 1,100 users, UNOMi’s technology is being used to produce KnuckTales, an animated series by Pixel Pirate Studios and The Player’s Tribune that features stories of professional basketball playersi, In November 2022, UNOMi was accepted into NVIDIA’s Inception Program, giving it NVIDIA’s technology, opportunities to connect with venture capitalists, and technical resources from NVIDIAii, UNOMi was founded by Obi Onyejekwe, a serial entrepreneur and founder of Nito, a marker-less face-tracking technology company that was sold to AOL in June 2016iii
Amount Raised : $21,403
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