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My Contact Network

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October 20, 2023
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January 18, 2024
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We are a software & services app company helping our users manage their professional and personal contact information (phone numbers, emails, addresses) through our quick and easy-to-use contacts app. My Contact Network simplifies the process of sharing and keeping contact information updated, and with over 400,000 contact cards imported and counting, we want to replace your native contacts app.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Logan Marquis WaltersCEO and Board Director Logan Walters is an experienced investor across venture capital and private equity, having been involved in over $1bn of investments, mergers, and acquisitions throughout his career. In working with and in companies at various stages of growth he is focused on guiding and supporting management teams as they develop and execute strategic and financial plans. Additionally, Logan has worked directly in several companies at various levels to execute and integrate strategic acquisitions, identify and execute on improving profitability, and develop teams to ultimately replace him. An area of significant frustration for him has been the loss of contact information for the many people he has worked with during his career, which ultimately led to the development of the My Contact Network application #NEVERLOSE CONTACT!
Logan currently works as a Co-Founder and Partner for Forge Equity Partners in addition to his work for MyContactNetwork, spending approximately 50 hours per week and 10 hours per week, respectively., Joseph YoungPartner - Strategy, Software Design & DevelopmentJoseph is an experienced software developer and team leader who prides himself on creating solutions by thinking outside of generally accepted norms and leading teams through a balanced workplace environment that values individuals and allows them the freedom to approach projects 
Joseph spent nine years in the Air Force as an air traffic controller where he first saw the limitations placed on workers by bureaucracy and centralized control systems. It was in this environment that he began to hone his management approach of stepping back and giving people space to create the best workplace and solutions for employees and clients. 
Following his service in the military, Joseph switched to software development and began to apply his approach to allow employees more freedom to try new approaches to create software solutions and design their own workplace environment. This has resulted in what one employee stated as 'not just solving client problems for the sake of solving the problem, but solving them to truly improve the client's situation'.   
In supporting the team at Kuvio, Joseph seeks to observe, recognize patterns, and then experiment to solve the problems that emerge from those patterns. He has earned the nickname of ‘the serial pivoter’ and his management philosophy may be best defined as as ‘Let’s try it!’ Being able to inspire others is his fuel for coming to work every day.
Gardner DudleySecretaryStrategic Advisory & Investments
Amount Raised : $71,766
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