Scooterson (1)

Scooterson (1)

Intelligent scooters from the future

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Crowd SAFE
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San Francisco, CA
Offering Date
December 14, 2020
Expected Close Date
March 22, 2021
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Company Description

Today’s micro-mobility products are technologically outdated.  In the age of smartphones, apps, and artificial intelligence, the majority of modern scooters still use the technology of the '90s. Today's tech-savvy customers have to buy aftermarket products to add the features they need.

With a few exceptions, all scooters are built in Asia, from low-quality components. The complete lack of good industrial design creates the perception of an ugly, awkward-looking product or kids toy. Millennials don't want to be ridiculed for riding a cheap-looking product.

In the time of COVID-19, when scooter-sharing is avoided, there are no viable options for the riders who don’t want the burdens of ownership.

By innovating and developing new technologies for micro-mobility, we’ve created a line of intelligent, energy-efficient, and easy-to-ride scooters, fully controlled from your smartphone, for the best riding experience possible.

Key Deal Facts

Three intelligent scooter models, fully controlled from the mobile app
$1.1M+ in pre-sales from July 2020 to October 2020
$25M in projected revenue by end of 2021 | A $290M SOM
$2.8M in funding to date
Red Dot Design Award Winner 2018
5 patents granted, 3 patents pending
Ready for manufacturing design

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Mihnea "de Vries" Chis
Founded KopterX, a start-up assembling high-end heavy drones for aerial cinematography. Founded the first Internet Service Provider in his home town, back in '96.

Deepansh Jain
Co-founded and successfully exit 2 companies. The recent one, Signals (Shifu), was acquired by PayTM/Alibaba for $8M.

Gautham Ramesh
Mechanical Engineering Lead.

Ionut Predescu
Industrial Design Lead

Muhammad Hakeym Bin Abd Rashid
Mechanical Engineering

Kenneth Lim
Firmware Developer

Cristina Eilertsen
Community Manager / PA

Aaron Lim
Sales & Support

Calin Coman
Marketing & PR

Jasmine Tacneng
Mechanical Engineering

Wilson Liew
Mechanical Engineering

George Poenaru
Electrical Engineering Lead

Ervin Kis
Composites and Prototyping

Anton Umnitsyn
iOS Developer

Pavel Kiss
Backend/Middleware Software Developer

Deal Notes

Discount: 0%

Amount Raised : $390,600
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An equity crowdfunding specific version of a SAFE used by crowdfunding portal Republic. Upon conversion (if and when that happens), investors may receive special shares with limited rights that do not show up on a company’s cap table. The issuer may roll over and not convert shares at the next financing round causing investors to lose out on some upside.

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