In an age of privacy concerns, WOOW, powered by advanced AI, revolutionizes advertising without tracking or collecting personal data. WOOW also shares ad revenue with users, allowing them to earn money for viewing ads.

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Common Stock
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Wilmington, DE
Offering Date
December 22, 2023
Expected Close Date
March 01, 2024
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“We reject the notion of being subjected to tracking, the relentless collection of personal data, and the reckless auction of our information to the highest bidder. Join us in this mission to have advertising without tracking and data collection. Together, we are the architects of a new era, where privacy defines our path forward.” – KrisFounder of WOOWWith unwavering dedication, WOOW harnesses the power of advanced AI to lead a revolution in the advertising world. Our mission is to rewrite the narrative, eliminating tracking and data collection from the equation.But that's not all. Our true purpose goes beyond the ordinary. We stand as a beacon of change, sharing the fruits of ad revenue with our users. It's a simple yet transformative mission – you, as our user, shall be compensated for every ad you view.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kris Christopher

Founder / CEO
Among others, expertise in: Data analytics, digital marketing, AI, algorithms, predictive analytics, tap technology, big data, social networks.
EU Experience: CEO at “MediaSat” (successful sale 45M), CEO at Production Studio/ Marketing “Icon” (successful sale 3.2M).
US Experience: CEO at WOOW, CEO at ACM Marketplace (successful exit).

Irfan Sidique

Experience: CTO at WOOW, Data Architecture, CTO at “Mitron” (Indian TikTok) from start until it reached 40M users and successful exit, CTO at “AllSecure” App (successful sale).

Joseph Vataj

Harvard Alumni with Masters in Economics. Serial Entrepreneur with 3 startups and 2 successful exits.
Amount Raised : $490
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