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Own a Spanish Soccer Team! ⚽️

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Menlo Park, , CA

Key Deal Facts

🇪🇸Fan to Owner Futbol 1, a subsidiary of f2o Sports, is poised to acquire a soccer club in Spain
⏩️Targeting over 4.5B sports fans worldwide to build the largest fan2owner community on the planet!
⚽️Join the Revolution of Sports Ownership and become an equity OWNER of a professional soccer club
✅Your voice MATTERS! Help shape the future of the club by having an actual fan vote in decisions
🥳Cheering for your team actually means something when you have vested economic interest
🦾f2o Leaders = professional soccer, sports mgmt, global mrktg, finance, technology, & community
⚠️Enjoy exclusive ownership access to the players, managers, staff, founders and merchandising
⚽️The global sports market is $512B! We're just getting started

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Wolfgang Muller Co-founder and Acting CEOCo-Founder/CMO/Board Member at OSOM Product's Inc.
Previously at HTC & Essential Products Inc. Wolfgang created brand and marketing campaigns for global consumer channels (Google, Under Armour, Vodafone, Amazon, etc). Alumni Stanford University GSB., Stefano Angeli Co-founderFounder and CEO of Utoppia, a US-based global Neobank. He also co-founded one of the first regulated Digital Banks in Latam, Reba. Stefano, as CEO, was in charge of scale the company from 0 to +800k accounts.
Harvard University and Stanford University., Michael WrightCo-founderBoard member of AMG National Trust Bank overseeing Banking as a service and international Wealth Management initiatives. Founder of Global Link Technologies, a tech startup sold to Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 500 company. Alumni Stanford University GSB, Andres FleischerCo-founderAndres is currently Managing Partner at Ripio Ventures, a VC fund that invests only in early stage web3 startups across the globe. His expertise is mainly on Crypto, product, compliance on Crypto and Operations. Alumni Stanford University GSB., Enrico TessaroloCo-founderEnrico co-founded EFES management group, a company dedicated to operating and developing gastronomic premises. It currently has more than 1000 employees.
Degree in international trade., Leo LearthTechnical SW/ Development advisorMore than 15 years of experience with engineering, instrumentation & Automation.
He worked in over 50 projects for big clients in Oil and Gas, Electrical, Transportation & Entertainment industries. Engineering degree & Alumni Stanford University GSB
Amount Raised : $68,458
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