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Private Models Trained on Personal Memory, Unique to Every Individual.

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Personal AI: An In-depth Look

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December 13, 2023
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April 11, 2024
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Company Description

We only remember a fraction of the information encountered in daily life (about 80% is forgotten in three days).


Invest $1,000 Receive One Premium AI, full year subscription ($400 value). Invest $5,000 Receive Five Premium AIs, full year subscription ($2,000 value). Exclusive branded gear. Invest $10,000 Receive One custom-trained AI, full year subscription ($4,000 value). Invest $25,000 Receive One custom-trained AI with ongoing training support ($10,000 value). Invest $50,000 Receive In-person training workshop for you or your business ($30,000 value).

Key Deal Facts

Our Mission: Unlock the wealth of personal memory and knowledge. Our Solution: Store, train, and integrate your unique model of knowledge. Our Tech: A Personal Language Model (PLM) per user, 120M parameters each. Our Promise: Personal AI is owned and managed by the user and never sold. Our Team: Our founders have 4 successful exits totaling over $20B. Our Backers: Esteemed investors, incl. a16z Scout & Founder of Jane Street.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Suman Kanuganti Co-Founder & CEO Two-time venture-backed entrepreneur, AI expert, and accessibility champion awarded Forbes 40 Under 40 and Smithsonian’s Top Innovator to Watch awards. Sharon Zhang Co-Founder & CTO Standout technical leader in AI and Natural Language Processing, with over a decade of experience building innovations for both large and startup companies. Kristie Kaiser Co-Founder & CXO Lead designer at Aira, heralded a “Godsend” by the New York Times. Named Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2022 for consumer technology, Kristie’s work puts people at ease with a natural, fluid, and inclusive user experience. Aidan Tan AI Engineer Imran Khan Full Stack Engineer Kenny Huynh Data Engineer Miroslav Volek Data Engineer Ishaan Pomichter Product Manager Jonathan Bikoff Head of Strategy Sydnee Moberg Brand Marketing Eric Kramer Growth Marketing Brandon Frazier AI Training Specialist

Amount Raised : $1,761,721
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