Three patents cover an array of products that are designed primarily to speed-up installation of wire and cable. All of our products can be installed before any wire or cable is run, making SticNstac an electricians’ “go to'' product line, for fast, easy and safe installation of wire and cable.

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Offering Date
January 04, 2024
Expected Close Date
March 30, 2024
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Company Description

SticNstac LLC is an Idaho company dedicated to research, invention, development, manufacture, and distribution of disruptively innovative SticNstac products throughout the Electrical Wholesale and Retail Industry and markets. We are in service to the Profession Electrician, Contractors and tradesman. Our Origin Story Told by Our Inventor, Gary Gintz: On a cold November evening in 2013, I was fiddling with my utensil holder. My wife was scowling because the only job I was working on had a “STOP WORK” order put in place – this was due to an errant hole drilled through a support beam. I remember thinking to myself, “stapling wires above the panel, against a cut, toe nailed to a 2 x 6 piece of wood, is pretty much the same on every job.” I thought, “what if the wires could be strung through a bracket that was installed ahead of time? It would save time in not having to cut a piece of wood and toenail it between studs, and still have to staple the wires to boot!” So, with a little time on my hands, I went to work designing a bracket that would fit between two studs above an electrical panel. That was when I started drilling holes in a rubber utensil holder: my first attempt at making a prototype for the support bracket. I went through quite a few utensil holders before I got something that seemed to work. Then it hit me; “if I am eliminating staples above a panel, why couldn’t I eliminate staples everywhere?”

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

William 'Ned' Fowkes

President & CEO
Artistic and Business Entrepreneur

Watershed Restoration Project Specialist

Remodeling Contractor - retired

Disability Rights Advocate

Gary Gintz

Inventor - V.P. Head of R & D

Over 50 years in the electrical trade, both as an electrician and an electrical contractor. Now retired.

Harry Zuckerman

Semi-retired Business Entrepreneur

Served with Idaho State Insurance Fund

Master Gunnery Sergeant (U.S. Marine Corps/Retired)

John L. Runft

V.P. & Chief Legal Counsel

College of Idaho (B.A., 1962); Received Outstanding Senior Man Award upon
graduation. Recipient of a National Honor Scholarship to the University of Chicago Law School., J.D. University of Chicago Law School, 1965; Recipient, Justice Jackson Award in Constitutional Law at law school graduation. Served three years (1955-1958) in the United States Army, Honorable Discharge. Stationed in Germany with an MI Unit engaged in refugee and expellee interrogation and analysis. President and Director of Hydromend Technologies, Inc.; legal counsel to, director of, or member of other business entities, including S.Crow Collateral Corp; IRWS, LLC (regional landfill); DorfKrug International, Inc. (project development); and Dignitas Consulting, LLC.
Amount Raised : $29,325
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