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Technology, Financial Services
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Seattle, , WA

Key Deal Facts

We Turned $50K Founder Equity into $2.4M in Revenue, Imagine What We Can Do With Your Commitment!
All-in-One B2B Marketplace for Sales, Marketing and Technology Solutions
First Mover Advantage in a Vast Under-Served Market that is Ready for Change
Revolutionizing the B2B Supply Chain with Cutting-Edge Technology and E-commerce
4x Revenue Growth in 3 Years & 65+ Person Team
Average Client Spend $14,000 with 152 Clients To-Date
Disrupting the B2B Industries with Proven Market Demand
The B2B Industry is 3x the Size of B2C and Ready for Transition

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Joseph Greco Founder & CEOLeveraging 25 years of sales, technology, and business, Joe is focused on creating a more efficient B2B enterprise sales model and improving simplicity while reducing buyer and seller costs., Pria VijayaratnamCROPria has experience leading a specialized sales team focusing on relationship-driven, business-to-business transitions, strongly emphasizing complex sales cycles and building a scalable team-driven model., Danny Gibson Director of Marketing & Brand StrategyMerging proven B2C models of top brands into a first-to-market B2B experience. Delivering a cohesive brand message via all platforms inspired by leading companies like Tesla & Apple to set the new standard for B2B enterprise sales, marketing & technology., Madiha NayyarDirector Client ServicesInstrumental in developing growth strategies and generating leads, her years of experience in technology companies and enterprise clients enable her to understand B2B business and help teams achieve their goals., Nii Harper Director Client ServicesLeading & providing top-level client support have played a critical role in forging strong partnerships & creating new business opportunities. His achievements span bolstering client acquisitions, generating revenues, & streamlining CRM integrations., Kris EndiqueHead of PartnershipsLeading partners and delivering exceptional client support, Kris has forged strong partnerships, created new opportunities, and secured the company's reputation and client base., Karim MosalamyHead of Sales InnovationKarim specializes in relationship building, value-based language, and emotional appeal to maximize every touchpoint in the customer's journey, supercharging our campaign funnels with qualified meetings., Amrit Seth Head of Sales OperationsSales operations & technology specialist with a proven track record of working with industry giants such as Google, Coca-Cola, & the NFL. Specializes in optimizing sales processes using technology to bring hands-on experience and enhance team performance., Jose Ruiz Fractional CFOWith expertise in understanding the nuances of fundraising, Jose has been instrumental in the company's campaign. His help has been invaluable in navigating the funding process and securing vital investor connections., John Cuellar Fractional CTOWith over 30 years of tech and business experience, John is a seasoned expert in developing cutting-edge enterprise software for large companies. His skills include systems integration, architecture, and complex data modeling.
Amount Raised : $180,950
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