Pixi Plus

Easily find what to watch next, with Pixi+. Pixi+ is a new, powerful app that delivers personalized movie and show recommendations across all of your streaming apps in one place. Whether you’re watching alone, with family, or on date night, Pixi+ can suggest options everyone will love.

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Common Stock
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Alexandria, VA
Offering Date
February 09, 2024
Expected Close Date
May 10, 2024
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Company Description

Introducing Pixi+: Movie and show recommendations you’ll love Founder Brett and his wife Jenn used to dread the process of finding what to watch next after they finished a show. Determined to end the painful cycle of endless searching and settling, the idea for Pixi+ was born. They quickly found out that they weren’t alone. Their friends, neighbors and family were all suffering from the same problem, and eager for a solution. Recent surveys revealed that the pain is also real for 100+ million Americans, and billions of streamers worldwide. In the months that followed, Brett teamed up with co-founder Marvin and strategic partner Draftbit to create Pixi+, with the goal of it being the only app you’ll ever need to find what to watch next.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Brett Bergen

Founder & CEO

Brett Bergen is a 2x previous founder, with over a decade of experience in high-tech software and hardware development, finance, and business. Brett has a M.S. in Applied Analytics from Columbia University and specializes in web and mobile UI/UX design, high-tech project management, data analytics, financial modeling, contracts, and business operations. Outside of tech, Brett loves to stream the latest movies and shows with his wife, and occasionally escape to the ski slopes, beach, and hiking trails.

Marvin Miao Wang

Co-Founder & CTO

Marvin Miao Wang is an experienced full-stack developer, with a M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins. He specializes in cloud and backend development, data engineering, data security, AIML and data analytics. He has been a founding engineer at multiple startups, including Head of Data Engineering at Octane, and as a Machine Learning Data Engineer at Meta. When he isn’t working on the next big thing, you can find Marvin playing jazz and classical music at venues across New York City.
Amount Raised : $75,120
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