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Go to School with Your Team. Go to Work with Your Team. Go on Vacation with Your Team. BE A PART OF YOUR TEAM!

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Santa Ana, CA

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Sports & Fitness
April 22, 2021
July 21, 2021


Mario Simonson, President / Founder
Mario leveraged his relationships in the sports industry to secure licenses from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA to create MOJO. Mario previously started and sold two highly successful, multi-million dollar companies.

Adrian Degroot, CEO
Adrian was President of NBA Properties, which included Licensing, Sponsorship, Team Services, and NBA Entertainment. Adrian oversees the strategic direction of MOJO.

Bonnie Bellingham, Corporate Sales Manager
Bonnie has 20 years of corporate sales experience in the sports industry (NFL, NBA, MLB, and Olympics). Bonnie is responsible for bulk sales to third party retailers, businesses, organizations, and teams for MOJO.

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Key Deal Facts

We sell NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Team USA Olympics, and PGA Tour branded backpacks and luggage.
We tap into two multi-billion $ industries: licensed sports merchandise and travel goods.
Our competitive landscape has high barriers to entry and virtually no competition.
Current distribution - Fanatics, Amazon, Target, Bed Bath, Home Goods, Home Depot, team stores
Just signed a deal with the PGA Tour, which includes golf bags.
Recent deal with Shark Wheels to use the revolutionary wheels on golf bags and select sports bags.
Poised for explosive growth through Digital Marketing to drive consumer awareness and direct to consumer sales.
5 years from now, we want to be known as the one stop shop for ALL sports bags and luggage.