Rejuve.Bio aims to revolutionize the field of longevity treatments and extend human health span to new levels by leveraging advanced AI technology and data-driven approaches. The company envisions a future where aging is viewed as a treatable and preventable condition rather than an inevitability.

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Orange, CA
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February 20, 2024
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April 26, 2024
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Company Description

Rejuve.Bio is a pioneering biotech company at the forefront of using advanced AI and machine learning to develop innovative solutions for longevity treatments and aging-related diseases.Their unique approach involves leveraging data from long-lived animal models, such as Methuselah Flies, and crowdsourced human data sets to accelerate the drug discovery process. By combining state-of-the-art AI technology with extensive biomedical knowledge, Rejuve.Bio aims to identify common genetic pathways and develop therapeutics that can extend human health-span and mitigate the impact of aging. Rejuve.Bio primarily conducts business with a wide range of stakeholders in the healthcare and biotech sectors. Their customers and collaborators include pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and healthcare providers interested in advancing longevity treatments and addressing age-related diseases. Additionally, Rejuve.Bio's partnership with the Rejuve Network, a tokenomically-incentivized network that collects crowdsourced human data, allows them to collaborate with individuals who are enthusiastic about contributing to the advancement of longevity research. Their business activities also extend to licensing their methods and techniques to other biotech projects, generating additional insights and fostering collaborations within the industry. "As CEO of Rejuve.Bio, I feel privileged to lead a talented and diverse team, pioneering the integration of cutting-edge AI and revolutionary biomedical insights into a potent anti-aging force. Our journey will reshape the longevity narrative, sparking a future in which age is simply a number, and vitality knows no bounds."– Kennedy SchaalCEO

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Kennedy Schaal
She is well-known for her revolutionary work with Methuselah Flies and has expertise in genetics, AI, and applied research. She is shaping practical achievements in aging research as a published author, Lab Director, and Chief Biologist. Kennedy's objective is to use genetics and AI to change health, changing human wellness worldwide.

Dr. Ben Goertzel
Chief AI Scientist
Dr. Ben Goertzel, Chief AI Scientist at Rejuve.Bio, is a well-known cross-disciplinary scientist and author. He is a high-profile speaker at global events, with experience in artificial general intelligence, natural language processing, and cognitive science. His influence spans AI and futurism as a leader at Singularity Studio and Humanity+. Ben builds Rejuve.Bio's AI-driven vision for enhancing lifespan and healthspan with a Ph.D. in mathematics and extensive scientific contributions.

Michael Duncan
Chief Science Officer
Michael Duncan, Chief Science Officer at Rejuve.Bio and Director of Clinical Research at, is an AI and bioinformatics researcher. He gives a unique viewpoint to furthering longevity science, with a diversified background that includes applied mathematics and epidemiology. Michael's considerable experience in public health interventions and clinical services adds to Rejuve.Bio's dedication to developing creative solutions for age-related difficulties. As a former chief computational biologist, his leadership brings unique insights to Rejuve's revolutionary efforts inside the SingularityNET ecosystem.

Janet Adams
Chief Operating Officer
Janet Adams, Rejuve.Bio's Chief Operating Officer is a dynamic leader with a track record of operational excellence. Her strategic vision and expertise in operations drive Rejuve's innovative activities. Janet's experience in artificial intelligence improves the execution of Rejuve's aim to transform the future of aging research. Her dedication to innovation and collaboration strengthens Rejuve's position as a leader in the advancement of longevity solutions. Janet's leadership, as a driving force behind Rejuve's success, enhances the influence of cutting-edge research and technology on human healthspan.

Lewis Farrell
Chief Marketing Officer
Lewis Farrell, CMO of Rejuve.Bio, is a marketing visionary with in-depth knowledge of Life Science environments. His strategic thoughts and creative abilities drive Rejuve's ambition to transform aging research. Lewis delivers unique ideas to expand Rejuve's reach, with an experience in brand management and digital marketing. Rejuve's connection with varied audiences is driven by his passion for turning complex research into entertaining narratives. Lewis' leadership strengthens Rejuve's position at the bleeding edge of longevity improvements, bridging the gap between cutting-edge science and global effect.

Hedra Yusef
Chief Technology Officer
Rejuve.Bio's CTO, Hedra Yusuf, is an accomplished Software Engineer with AI skills. Notably, she contributed to SingularityNet's AI projects, such as ROCCA, as well as Mozi AI's Bioinformatics activities. Her various skills include NLP, machine learning, and data analysis. Hedra, who holds a Master's degree in computer science, pushes Rejuve's technological progress, redefining possibilities.

Axel Schumacher
Chief Biotechnology Officer
Chief Biotechnology Officer Dr. Axel Schumacher is a renowned geneticist, entrepreneur, and futurist. He pioneers epigenetics and co-founds breakthrough tech enterprises with 35+ years of experience in Aging, Genetics, Digital Health, and Precision Medicine. His groundbreaking research revealed 'epigenetic clocks' as well as widespread evidence of Alzheimer's epigenetic abnormalities. He guides digital healthcare strategy and blockchain research as a well-known and accomplished author. His broad work combines AI, genomics, and blockchain for disruptive solutions, all with the goal of revolutionizing aging.

Abdulrahman Semrie
Bio-AI Developer
Abdulrahman Semrie, Rejuve.Bio's Bio-AI developer, has four years of experience in machine learning and bioinformatics. Notably, he pioneered the use of Bayesian Neural Networks for anticancer prediction. His knowledge of Python, PyTorch, and other programming languages is extensive, and he holds a BSc in Software Engineering from Addis Ababa University.
Amount Raised : $176,663
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