Well Water Finders

Well Water Finders has created technology to locate water in a drought-stricken world. Our patented equipment provides real-time insights into the location, depth, and volume of groundwater, addressing critical challenges in real estate, agriculture, ranching, municipalities, and beyond.

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Common Stock
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Meridian, TX
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March 04, 2024
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June 07, 2024
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GROUNDWATER MAPPING, SIMPLIFIED. You’re in real estate. Imagine taking a tool out of your truck, sitting it on the ground of the new property you’re evaluating, and being able to know if there’s enough groundwater to support plans for the property.You’re in food production. Your water well is going dry during the summer drought season. Imagine being able to evaluate various locations on your farm for a higher volume well. You’re a cattle rancher. Your well is going dry. Imagine being able to use a tool to identify a location where rainfall can be used to recharge the aquifer that is serving your well without having to drill a new one. From finding a water source to support a new house, to identifying a high volume aquifer to allow large scale food production, the Well Water Finders™ solution will be portable, rapid and easy to use. Owning a system will enable you to have real-time knowledge of groundwater levels wherever your work takes you.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Andrew Vandekop Inventor & CEO Andrew began his career in robotics engineering and sold his first patent at age 29. He's been in new product development his entire career and has applied these skills to three additional patents. During the time he spent field testing the Well Water Finders prototype, he served as a founding team member of a telecom start-up that went public on the NYSE in 2006. Teisha Vandekop Founder & COO Teisha created Well Water Finders as a way to share the technology with landowners - to help them determine if they have sufficient groundwater under their property to drill a water well and then giving that information to a water well driller. She has spent the last two years working with commercial developers, water well drillers and landowners to determine the groundwater potential for properties. Prior to this, she spent several years as an executive vice president at one of the world's top PR agencies, executing new product introductions for Fortune 100 companies.

Amount Raised : $61,478
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