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Members Mobile (MM) is a pioneering Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) offering exclusive 4G/5G services to U.S. credit union members, promoting financial wellness through exceptional value and enhanced loyalty rewards.

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Dayville, CT
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March 11, 2024
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June 08, 2024
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Company Description

MEMBERS MOBILE (MM) IS A RADICALLY NEW MOBILE AND FINANCIAL SERVICE EXPERIENCE FOR CREDIT UNION (CU) MEMBERSWe are a US Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) – think Consumer Cellular or Mint Mobile – and a pioneering wireless service provider exclusively for credit union members.We want to empower millions of hard-working Americans who are struggling in today’s economic and social environment. Our co-founders realized that traditional banks use people to make money, while Credit Unions use money to help people. Rooted in purpose and synchronized with the values of the Credit Union Movement, they decided to create Members Mobile Inc. at the end of 2022 to improve the financial wellness of the +131 million Credit Union members AND simultaneously provide the CU with a platform to engage digitally with its current and prospective members.EMPOWERING CREDIT UNION MEMBERS TO IMPROVE FINANCIAL WELLNESS ToggleHOW? Providing simple, high-quality, and better value mobile telephony services bringing meaningful direct savings in their mobile service subscription bill every month. With Members Mobile, the smartphone device and monthly mobile subscription costs can no longer be a burden!And not only that: by connecting Credit Union (CU) members to their community and financial data, Members Mobile plans to help to improve their financial wellness with automatic monthly pocket money savings and access to select fintech applications at unique terms. ToggleLOYALTY PAYS OFFWith Members Mobile, the more you stay, the more you save. Because loyalty-based rewards are integrated into the mobile subscription. Picture this: with Members Mobile, each subscriber can have an e-wallet that brings direct refunds, access to better loans, exclusive events, etc… AND their unused data can be monetized through crypto exchange or other CU savings solutions. All of that at the tip of the finger. ToggleA DISRUPTIVE PROPOSITION FOR CU MEMBERS By signing up to Members Mobile, a CU member can get: – A SIM card to access Members Mobile Service, with the same modern 4G/5G Cellular Network of a leading US carrier AND Better Rates. – Simple Smartphone Plans with automatic Incentives to Save. – Best Smartphone Financing Options. – Bundled with Credit Union service offerings and select fintech applications. ToggleSUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITY And because Members Mobile is rooted in the soul of their members, MM supports the CU SAFE program to help survivors of domestic violence all across the United States.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

The Leadership team brings an intimate knowledge of the Telecom and Mobile industry, particularly MVNOs, as well as Mobile Operators' Marketing and Digital Technology Platforms, having designed, launched, developed, and grown several of the most successful Mobile operators and brands in the world to millions of subscribers and very successful exits.

Additionally, the Team has strong ties within the Credit Union Industry and is supported by a select group of unparalleled Credit Union Professionals who are active members of the Company’s Advisory board.

Gary Brandt

Co-founder & Executive Chairman

As a visionary founder and CEO, successfully built and sold TEN DIGIT Communications, a patented intelligent messaging platform designed to provide business phone lines with advanced smartphone functionality. In addition to being an experienced and successful entrepreneur – he brings decades of international and C-suite experience in both public and private companies demonstrating depth in strategy, finance and operations, along with established relationships with the US Sales and Marketing Ecosystem.

Luis Jimenez-Tunon

Co-founder & CEO

Former CEO of Vodafone’s Enabling company and former Head of Vodafone’s Group Wholesale & MVNOs business based in Europe. With his international telecom pedigree and top-notch leadership experience, he brings one of the most impressive wholesale & MVNO business track records in the global market. Trained in Silicon Valley, he is a Stanford University Alumnus and has served as a Board Director in public companies including Nasdaq’s listing where he drove a +600Meur Nasdaq IPO.

Peter Nussbaumer

Co-founder & CTO/COO

Peter brings his established relationships on the Network and Technology platform side, as well as extensive operational experience and global product development credibility. He was the founder of one of the world’s leading MVNE company, I-NEW, which he successfully sold a few years ago. He has launched and operated many successful MVNOs worldwide.

Joel Kades

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Experienced marketing and growth leader building brands and disrupting categories through insights, ideas, and innovation gained as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the successful Virgin Mobile Latin America and VP of Commercial Strategy & marketing for Republic Wireless in the US, among others.

Jos von Nieuwburg

VP Smartphone Portfolio & Business Operations

Executive Sales Leader with 20 years of proven success in the telecommunications industry, particularly around sales operations and handset partnerships. Former Wholesale Executive at Sprint and sales Director of EcoRenew Group, a leading company providing refurbished handsets solutions.

Rick “Nifty” Middleton

VP and Brand Ambassador

Former Boston Bruins captain, NHL Sport Legend & Brand ambassador- with an unparalleled reputation and expertise in Sales, Promotion, and Brand building.

Thomas Jannsen, CPA

VP Finance and Treasurer

Financial Executive with years of leadership experience as a CPA, Corporate Officer in both private and public companies. Strong growth-oriented finance and operations experience with a proven record of developing and implementing systems for growing enterprises. Most recently served as CFO of a solar energy firm.
Amount Raised : $50,850
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