Jet Shark

Bringing an exhilarating submersible vessel to the mass market

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March 22, 2024
Expected Close Date
July 22, 2024
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Company Description

Jet Shark brings the three dimensional capabilities of an aircraft to the boating world, allowing people to enjoy the ocean the way aquatic creatures do. Jet Shark is not a submarine that slowly "sinks" beneath the water. Instead, it "flies" underwater, remaining positively buoyant at all times.


Jet Shark baseball cap/ T shirt
Jet Shark Investor Poster
Invitation to upcoming launch events

All perks above, PLUS;
Jet Shark Sweatshirt
Test pilot training at Jet Shark demo events
Preferential pre-order placement
Invitation to tour Jet Shark development facility

All perks above PLUS:
5% discount on MSRP of first edition Jet Shark
3D printed Jet Shark display model
V.I.P. invitation to all Events / demo days

All perks above PLUS:
10% discount (rather than 5%) on MSRP of up to 3 Jet Sharks
Opportunity to contribute towards Jet Shark design, engineering, marketing, and strategy meetings

Key Deal Facts

25 years of experience in this unique submersible watercraft market
Over $20 million in sales of previous vessels
175 of those vessels have been delivered to over 35 countries
Impeccable safety record, with zero injuries or insurance claims
Featured in major Movies, TV shows, and Commercials
Over 500M views of Seabreacher and Jetovator videos (prior products)
$15 million in pre-sales of Jet Sharks from pre-qualified customers

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Robert Innes
Chief Executive Officer
Founder Jet Shark Inc. , Co-founder / CEO Innespace Productions Inc., Founder / CEO Jetavation Inc.

Aimee Dessem
Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Manager at Innespace Productions Inc.
Assistant Manager at Jet Shark Inc.

Rich Wilson
Composite Fabrication and Tooling

Robert Rose
Mechanical/ hydraulic component Engineer

Lee Excel
Commercial Operations Director

Dustin Heck
Rigging/ Electrical Specialist

Scott Kelly
Marketing and Branding

Joey Natale
Pilot Training/ Sales

Joe Natale Sr
Product development and testing
Amount Raised : $5,000
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