Truly Natural Protein Powder

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Convertible Note
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June 08, 2021
Expected Close Date
December 07, 2021
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Company Description

We are a tech-enabled protein company making conservation and sustainability our priority. Our flagship product is a darkling protein powder, made from one of the world’s most sustainable protein sources – beetles!

Key Deal Facts

Natral is a unique product that is three times more sustainable than plant protein and six times more than whey.
Our protein powder is also award winning in sustainability.
We only use three ingredients in our product, and without additives or refining it naturally provides a complete amino acid as well as 17 vitamins and minerals.
With this we have several patents filed and are backed by leading food companies.
Our target consumers are the 10 million men in the US who consume protein powder regularly and are even willing to pay more for sustainable products: amounting to a $2.4 billion obtainable market size.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Lucas Wright, CEO
While attending Iowa State University, Luke started a renewable energy company in Alaska. Within 3 years, he had installed solar on over 50 homes across an area the size of Texas. This passion for sustainability led Luke to start experimenting with insect farming in 2018, and a year later was joined by Eli to start Natral. Luke has traveled to 35 countries, and is an active outdoorsman. He lives with his wife and daughter in San Antonio, alongside his childhood friend and co-founder Eli.

Eli Fouch, COO
While Eli attended Saddleback College for chemical engineering he managed projects for construction companies in Southern California, before accepting a position to manage one of the largest fencing companies in Alaska. In the role, he oversaw the installation and completion of jobs revenuing $2mil annually. His management experience made him a perfect fit as COO of Natral. His full time role currently is labeling, processing, mixing, bottling, packaging and shipping to bring you that delicious Natral protein powder everyone's going to be talking about.
Amount Raised : $517
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