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🏘 Buy and trade fractional shares of real estate for less than $10!

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Technology, Crypto & Blockchain, Financial Services
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June 11, 2021
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October 20, 2022
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Company Description

Pocket Properties App was created after experiencing first hand the multiple barriers of entry in real estate investing ranging from cost to lack of knowledge. We wanted to address these issues in order to give everyone the ability to invest in real estate and build long term wealth. Our goal is to securitize and democratize the worlds real estate.

Key Deal Facts

We’re a completely bootstrapped company, in just 4 months we’ve gained over 1000 waitlist members!
Traders have been buying fractional stocks since 2015, fractional real estate is just the next step!
The most user-friendly fractional real estate trading platform.
We're powered by Blockchain Technology, a unique edge in a growing fractional real estate market.
Over $500K in residential property commitments.
We're on pace to launch by the end of 2021!
Our team has a background in real estate and securities trading, we know & use these products!
The global real estate market is valued at over $228 trillion dollars!

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Craig Paris, Chief Technical Officer
Craig is a self taught coder who worked as team lead and developer for both Microsoft and Saleforce before joining the Pocket Properties team.

Zach Rinehardt, Chief Marketing OfficerZach is a Pennsylvania born entrepreneur, trader, & early cryptocurrency adopter. He is also an early user and adopter of fractional real estate, giving him the expertise to communicate Pocket Properties to our customers in the best way possible.

Marshal Singh, Chief Financial Officer
Marshal is an all around investor, specializing in real estate flips and options investing. He played a key role in creating Pocket Properties primary acquisition strategy.
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