Lucky 7 Mining

Lucky 7 Mining

Pioneering sustainable gold mining with eco-conscious methods, our advanced tech ensures efficient, chemical-free extraction, preserving ecosystems. We're reshaping resource extraction for a sustainable future.

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Dallas, TX
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March 28, 2024
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June 28, 2024
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Company Description

The founder's motivation to start the business stemmed from a deep concern for the environmental impact of traditional mining practices. Witnessing the detrimental effects on ecosystems led to a vision of a more sustainable and responsible approach to resource extraction. This aligns seamlessly with the company's mission of being at the forefront of sustainable gold mining. By championing chemical-free extraction processes, leveraging advanced technology, and prioritizing environmental responsibility, the brand aims to set new standards for ethical and sustainable practices in mining.The envisioned impact on the world is profound. By pioneering sustainable mining practices, the brand aspires to inspire a shift in the entire industry towards greater environmental consciousness. It seeks to demonstrate that profitability and chemical free extraction can coexist, reshaping the narrative of resource extraction globally. Ultimately, the brand aims to contribute to a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between human activities and the planet, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change for future generations.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

James H. Barkley

James Barkley, a 15-year industry veteran in dredging and mining, is the founder of Lucky 7 Mining LLC. His leadership has driven successful projects globally, from Mexico and Ghana to Alaska and Arizona. As captain of dredging vessels in Nome, Alaska, James showcases both entrepreneurial acumen and exceptional maritime leadership skills. Proficient in open-sea and underwater dredging, he excels in placer mining processes. Renowned for technical expertise in welding, design, and fabrication, James is a respected figure in the mining community, contributing to the industry's success through unwavering commitment and hands-on experience. His continued involvement reflects a dedication to sharing knowledge and shaping the mining industry's trajectory.

David J. Lewis


David Lewis, a seasoned venture management expert with 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience, brings strong analytical, functional, and administrative skills to corporate management. He played a key role in securing financing for established companies, contributing to their expansion, particularly in the oil and gas industry across Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Joining Lucky 7 Mining, his specialized skill set includes fiscal management, procurement, permitting, compliance, and site operations. David serves as the mainland US homebase for remote operations, enhancing Lucky's corporate business model with a divide-and-conquer approach. His extensive background and strategic support contribute to the company's overarching vision.

Joining our team means being emotionally invested in a narrative that transcends traditional business success – it's about shaping a future where responsible practices and financial gains coalesce, fostering a sense of purpose and pride among our investors.
Amount Raised : $2,750
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