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Cycle Phones

Cycle Phones

World's first phone that gets cheaper and more powerful the longer you own it.

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San Francisco, CA
Offering Date
June 18, 2021

Company Description

Every year, millions of phones, tablets, and computers are thrown into the landfill. When it comes to cellphones, today's modern devices are designed to be disposable. Most people don't want to break the bank upgrading their phone, they're rather forced to when their old device gets too slow, the battery doesn't last like it used to, or it gets physically damaged. So how could a Cycle phone help fix this? We're making the world's first phone that gets faster, cheaper, and more powerful over time.

Key Deal Facts

Large market: $1 Trillion Market is ripe for technology disruption.
First-mover advantage: first cloud computed phone for consumers.
Strong environmental mission. Reduces waste while becoming more affordable.🚀 Software demos are outperforming modern phones in early tests.
More efficient and more economical: 5X projected utilization rate with Cycle.
All-in-one solution will give users the ability to turn their phone into a desktop computer.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Adam Macdonald, Co-Founder & CEO
Serial Entrepreneur and previous founder of two blockchain startups. Solo Developed a multiplayer FPS video game.

Ben Jungwirth, Co-Founder & CMO
Grew his e-commerce businesses to 7 figure revenues while studying full time University. Former B2C SaaS Founder.

Jacob Macmillan, Co-Founer & CTO
Studied computer science & engineering at the University of Victoria before becoming the lead developer for two startups in gaming and blockchain. Designed his own game engine at 16.
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