Decarolis Cycling

Decarolis Cycling

Premium Bicycles, Gear, & Apparel

De Carolis Brothers Cyclists, LLC, is a bicycle retail and repair shop located in North Andover, Massachusetts. De Carolis will sell a wide range of children's and adult bicycles; including mountain, recreational, and racing bikes as well as clothing and accessories. De Carolis Brothers Cyclists will also perform routine maintenance and repairs on clients’ bicycles, such as tune-ups, new product installation, and customization. 


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North Andover, MA
Offering Date
January 24, 2020
Amount Raised
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Use of Proceeds

  • Inventory: $87,520
  • Marketing and Event Sponsorship: $10,000
  • Working Capital: $20,000
  • Payroll: $51,680
  • Mainvest Compensation: $10,800


Luca De Carolis, Manager
Luca De Carolis is an experienced entrepreneur and former semi-professional cyclist and worked as the Deputy Manager and Sales Director of Capobianchi, a bicycle and motorcycle retail and repair firm in Rome. He has held this position since 2005, and is responsible for managing the store’s ecommerce site as well as all on premises sales and service. He also founded a travel agency specializing in bicycle tours in 2010 called Viaggi in Bici, which he continues to manage. Luca has completed advanced English language studies at Institute WallStreet in Fiumicino, and is also a skilled website developer and ecommerce professional. His semi-pro cycling career bestowed a strong sense of discipline, teamwork, and the ability to work relentlessly in pursuit of a goal.

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Key Deal Facts

In addition to comprehensive professional repair and maintenance services, Decarolis produces their own brand of high-end performance bicycles.
De Carolis Brothers Cyclists will be the exclusive distributor of the Decarolis brand. Using the shop as a hub for distribution to both end users and wholesalers, Decarolis Brothers Cyclists wants to introduce superior quality products at aEordable price points to American consumers.
The Company will carry the full Decarolis line, including: bicycles and components, clothing, and accessories.