Filthy Filly's BBQ Watering Hole & Steak House

Filthy Filly's BBQ Watering Hole & Steak House

Santa Maria Style BBQ with a Filthy Filly Twist

When someone says you can't do it, do it twice and take pictures. We've opened our doors with a message of inclusiveness, acceptance and friendship. No one is a stranger. We're a family of diversity, living in a community of the same. We're embracing our neighbors and cooking up nothing but love and sharing how we have always healed and celebrated in our own lives...the Filthy Filly way!

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Security Type
Revenue Sharing
Food & Bev
Min Investment
Nipomo, CA
Offering Date
July 20, 2021

Use of Proceeds

  • Complete Renovations : $84,600
  • Mainvest Compensation: $5,400


Colleen Marlett, Owner

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Security Description

Revenue Sharing is a form of lending that involves sharing revenue from the business with investors as return on their investment. It is often a fixed percentage of revenue and you are paid until you earn a total return on your investment.

Key Deal Facts

We found the perfect location and began the process of applying for a lease.
Stuck in county red tape, all the grandfathered in code that applied to the last tenant no longer applied to us, we were stuck with making massive renovations to the space just to open.
We turned the catering truck into a food truck, to be able to serve more people in more places.
We were able to finalize our permits, but no longer have the budget to complete renovations to our restaurant that can serve 120 people.