Enginuity Power Systems

Enginuity Power Systems

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Non-Voting Equity
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Alexandria, VA
Offering Date
August 02, 2021
Expected Close Date
January 31, 2022
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Company Description

Enginuity’s E|ONE micro-CHP system is one of the first new appliances in a generation, efficiently delivering electricity, hot water and heat to your home on demand. Enginuity’s E|ONE helps consumers save money while living their lives comfortably, both on and off the grid.

Key Deal Facts

Enginuity's award-winning combined heat and power technology is protected by 30 filed and pending patents, and our prototypes are approaching commercialization.
Because E|ONE is designed for easy integration, our initial market consists of the 80 million homes in the US currently using natural gas and propane, plus the 600,000 new natural gas homes being constructed annually.
Our team of business leaders, experienced entrepreneurs and engineers are committed to using the E|ONE green design to lower carbon emissions and build a more efficient and cost effective energy system.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Datta Godbole, Board Member
As CTO of Honeywell Building Technologies, Dr. Godbole led a global team of 2000+ engineers for the approximately $6 billion strategic business group focused on innovative products, solutions, and services in building automation that improve energy efficiency, comfort, security, and more.

Steve Niswander, Chairman and Founder
Steve Niswander is Chairman of Enginuity and leads our commercial efforts. He was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors in November 2015, at the company's inception. Prior to Enginuity, Steve was conducting business development and contract management for a major financial services company. Previously, Mr. Niswander owned and operated an automotive dealer group in the Washington DC metro area. Mr. Niswander is a board member and former President of Alexandria Sportsman’s Club. He has sat on the board of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.

James Warren, Founder & Inventor
Mr. Warren is the original inventor of the Enginuity multiple IC engine architectures. From Enginuity Power Systems start in November of 2015 and continuing through to today he has continued to refine the engine designs for maximum performance and reliability. He leads the effort to develop groundbreaking applications which leverage the engine unique qualities to create new levels of efficiency.
Amount Raised : $149,425
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