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Collectable is proud to present one of the most iconic pre-war issues and considered one of the biggest gum cards of the 1930s; a 1939 Ted Williams Play Ball rookie card. Notoriously difficult to source in high grades, there are only 18 cards known in circulation graded higher than PSA NM-MT 8. The simplistic black and white design of this card adds to its charm and has established itself as one of the most significant “Teddy Ballgame” collectible items out there.

Key Deal Facts

The 1939 Play Ball is considered one of the premiere rookie cards of Hall of Famer Ted Williams.
According to PSA, “while there are many great Williams items to choose from, the overwhelming popularity of mainstream rookie cards cannot be overstated. So, when it comes to Williams, the card that fits that definition better than any other is his 1939 Play Ball rookie. The simple, black-and-white design certainly isn’t quite as visually attractive as many of Williams’ later issues, but that basic look is also part of its charm.”
The 1939 Play Ball set is one of the more popular pre-war issues. It came after the craze of tobacco cards and was a contrast to the mostly colorful Goudeys issues of the 1930s.
The Ted Williams rookie card is one of the most iconic pre-war issues and considered one of the biggest gum cards of the1930.
1939 was Williams’ first year in the majors and it didn’t take him long to impress, leading the league in total bases and RBI while finishing fourth in Most Valuable Player balloting.
There are 88 PSA NM-MT known in circulation. There are only 18 cards known in circulation graded higher than PSA NM-MT 8.
This card is notoriously difficult to source in high grades. Beyond general wear from handling, unattractive centering and print defects are somewhat common to the issue.
The past 5 sales in the Ted Williams 1939 Play Ball PSA NM-MT 8, all within the last 3 months, are: $56,400, $47,970, $36,128, $29,300, $22,750, and $27,060.
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