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September 29, 2021
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August 12, 2022
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Company Description

We believe health insurance companies have hijacked healthcare, making it difficult for doctors and nurses to do what they do best, and nobody’s happy. So, we started over. Leveraging over a decade of experience managing healthcare benefits for large medical practices (150 – 900 employees) across 14 states, our cumulative experience with every legacy health insurance company in the US confirms – they are too big to fix.

Key Deal Facts

A LARGE HEALTHCARE CATEGORY RIPE FOR DISRUPTION No secret, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the inefficiencies, and the fragilities, of healthcare as we knew it prior to 2020. However, businesses that were not inextricably tied to legacy systems and processes have thrived, attracting record levels of investments by big enterprises caught flat-footed, and by traditional venture capital at multiples not seen since the technology boom. Moreover, public offerings as well as mergers and acquisitions of niche players are occurring at an unprecedented pace
A LARGE NICHE MARKET We address one of the major pain points of middle-market, self-insured employers. It is a highly fragmented $26B niche market growing at 11% annually that is currently controlled by a plethora of big, inefficient health insurance companies and an army of third-party middlemen
WE’RE A START OVER; NOT A START-UP We know the pain points of middle-market, self-insured employers, their employees and the doctors and nurses who want to do what’s right for each individual patient. But they can’t because they are ensnared in the bureaucracy that dominates today’s health insurance marketplace. It’s a marketplace controlled by a limited number of legacy players, and they’re too big to fix. We know, we spent over a decade working inside the system

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Larry Hightower, Chief Executive Officer
Larry is an acknowledged hands-on leader and innovator in the healthcare industry whose career path has been dedicated to improving clinical and financial outcomes for physicians, patients and payers by championing disruptive technologies and services. In 2005, he founded Vxtra Partners, LLC, a special-purpose health benefits solution that serviced large, independent medical practices in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.
For over 30 years, Larry has combined his relationship management skills with business acumen to bring to market micro-surgical procedures, implantable devices, diagnostic imaging instrumentation, clinical information services and e-clinical trials applications. He has held key marketing and leadership roles developing go-to-market strategies in cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, emergency medicine and radiology.
Those relationships and experiences continue to prove valuable in attracting doctors to lead the development of a next generation strategy for lowering costs and improving health outcomes.

Charlie Elliott, President
Charlie brings more than 25 years of experience in health-system leadership and advisory services to his role as Vxtra Health President. A collaborative leader who achieves results through stakeholder relationships, he possesses a deep industry knowledge of healthcare strategy, finance, clinical and operational improvement, physician alignment, corporate services structure and post-merger integration.

Robert DiLoreto, MD, Director and CMIO
A board-certified adult and pediatric urologist, Dr. Robert Di Loreto brings extensive experience as a specialty-care physician, healthcare innovator and trusted advisor to his position as Vxtra Health chief medical informatics officer. He also serves as chief medical officer for United Medical Systems and as president and CEO of Wayne-Macomb Consulting, LLC, consulting in areas of medical malpractice, clinical information technology, electronic medical records, regulatory issues, medical practice data and software development. As a practicing clinician, he developed a HCFA-compliant paper-based charting system that incorporated clinical protocols as well as internal audits and led the roll out of numerous EHR and ancillary programs.
Amount Raised : $233,747
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Thomas M, 2 years ago

Are there any employees who are not a "Cxx"? Calling the company top-heavy is probably a major understatement. As a potential investor I am very concerned that my money just goes to outrageous salaries.