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Revenue Sharing
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September 29, 2021
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April 15, 2022
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April 1st, 2025
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Company Description

The Covid-19 Pandemic has negatively impacted movie theaters, being one of the leading community gathering spots that were forced to shutter during the peak. Cinemas are sitting empty, waiting ready to start entertaining again!


Investor Card Invest $175 or more to qualify. 15 of 30 remaining, Get 15% off Concession purchases.

$300 Concessions Gift Card Invest $900 or more to qualify. 1 of 8 remaining, Receive a $300 concession Gift card.

Key Deal Facts

During the pandemic closure of theaters nationwide. Some circuits chose not to return, one of them being Cinemagic. The parent company chose not to reopen after one of the principle owners passed. This cinema chain left several fully equipped cinemas empty across New England. Specifically in South Portland, Me.
Our passion for movies and entertainment pushes our desire to create a uniquely "homey" movie going experience. Like going to a friends house for movie night.
Labor Day weekend was the biggest on record, beating even pre pandemic Labor day weekend box office totals
This location consistently grossed over $2 million annually, 2017, 2018 and 2019 all had box office totals over $1.4 million and concession sales over $1.2 million.

Key Points to our Solution:
Proper film selection for the audience and the theater’s environment.
Revenues from a mix of both traditional movie fare and other food and beverages.
Fully equipped cinema sites requiring ZERO investment in seats, sound or concession equipment.
Additional revenue streams from private rentals, parties and special events and on screen advertising.
Theaters that offer an unlimited subscription see a 50% increase in attendance, increase concession spending and increase repeat customers.
New State of The Art Christie RGB Laser Projectors for the newest cinema viewing experience. Brighter more vibrant colors and crisp clear picture.

Use of Proceeds

  • Marketing & Advertising
  •  Payroll & hiring Bonuses
  •  Community outreach and sponsorship
  •  Other general improvements
  •  Mainvest Compensation

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Joshua Has 20 years in Restaurant and Retail management. Working with National Quick Service brands like Jack In the Box and Arbys. Single and multi-unit management experience. He also worked with Movie Gallery, Hollywood Video and Blockbuster video as store manager and District Sales Manager. He has been responsible for teams of 40+ and management revenue streams over $3+ Million.

Daniel has 25+ years in retail and management. He has managed teams of 60+ employees and lead entire departments. He is a proven leader and capable of setting goals and motivating his team to achieve them. He understands the changing consumer environment and he is capable of making swift and decisive decisions to change course and realign with the needs of our customers.
Amount Raised : $26,100
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