Min Investment
Portland, ME
Offering Date
September 28, 2020
Expected Close Date
November 30, 2021
Target Raise
Security Price

Company Description

Coquette is thrilled to announce the upcoming opening of our very first brick & mortar cafe, artisanal bakery, coffee shop & floral design studio in Historic Downtown Portland, Maine at The Public Market House in Monument Square! The original cornerstone Coquette specialty items are the wildly popular artisanal layered cakes in decorated jars crafted from the best locally sourced ingredients. Coquette seeks investments to complete interior renovations of the brand new Coquette Cafe, purchase a delivery vehicle, develop product packaging, expand marketing campaigns, establish a large-scale production bakery facility for our unique line of artisanal cakes, sweet & savory pastries, pies, fresh-pressed juices, smoothies & floral arrangements.

Key Deal Facts

Creative Collaboration With The Local Distillery Santa Fe Spirits
Divined Traditional Italian Desserts With A New Coquette Twist For Sassella
Business Partnership With La Montanita Co-Op
Crafted Coquette Artisanal Cakes Exclusively For Ahmyo River Gallery & Wine Garden
Coquette Artisanal Cakes Available At The Rail Yards Market In Albuquerque
Coquette Artisanal Cakes Available At Chomp Food Hall
Coquette Cafe • Opening Soon In Historic Downtown Portland, Maine!

Use of Proceeds

  • Labels & Packaging Materials & Ingredients: $6,500
  • Equipment: $23,600
  • Licenses & Insurance: $1,500
  • Marketing & Promotion: $6,000
  • Mainvest Compensation: $2,400

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Caitlin Olsen
Founder & Owner
Caitlin's passion for baking started early when she was inspired by her Grandmother Varian. Several Coquette artisanal cakes are made using Varian's recipes. While living in Northwest Germany, Caitlin started a bakery selling American pastries. She was delighted to introduce her customers to these delicacies. Caitlin takes pride in using only the best locally sourced ingredients in her cakes. She values sustainability and believes her cakes taste that much better because they reflect the place where they are made-Northern New Mexico.
Amount Raised : $21,000
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1 Comment

Sammy J, 2 years ago

This business is a known con artist and has ripped off many people in Santa Fe. Read the reviews on FB, talk to the many people in Santa Fe she owes money, has lied to, sold counterfeit products to etc... She will do the same in Portland Maine. PLEASE do your research and do not encourage more of this bad behavior in a new town.