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Passion Tree

The People's Seltzer

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Common Stock
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San Diego, CA
Offering Date
October 30, 2021
Expected Close Date
April 27, 2022
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Company Description

Passion Tree Hard Seltzer is crafted in San Diego with meticulous detail towards producing the beverage people have long wanted. Passion Tree delivers a beverage that has superior flavors, light carbonation, 5.5% ABV, and gives back by planting a tree for every case sold. We’ve set out on a mission to plant 50 million trees.

Key Deal Facts

Sales Growth: Passion Tree has the #1 highest sell through rate in all of Kroger U.S. Our triple-digit growth rate overall is attributed to the excitement surrounding the brand and the quality of the product. Today, alcoholic seltzers are now a multibillion-dollar industry, with over $4.5 billion in US sales.
International Expansion: We have deals signed with Caribbean partners to launch in Puerto Rico this year. Distribution is locked in and additional can manufacturer in PR has allocated 40 million cans per year to Passion Tree.
Strategic partnership: Our beverage producer is a top national beverage producer for adult beverages. Access to production on a national basis, reducing transportation costs and also provides for significant quantity discounts. The redundancy throughout the supply chain we believe will ensure access to material procurement when needed.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Jacob Ryder
Director & COO
I'v always had a passion for building and creating. From working with NASA and autonomous aviation companies in order to develop wildfire protection technologies and space-to-earth laser communication systems, to starting a communications infrastructure company. Building new and better things is what drives me.

Garrett Olsen
Director & CEO
It's funny how graduating with a mechanical engineering degree and being sent to Miami to work as a sales engineer for ABB brought me to Schnebly's winery. That day changed my life into Passion Tree Hard Seltzer. I'm a go getter, from buying rental properties at 21, to syndicating money and general contracting two house flips simultaneously while working a 9-5 at 22. I was given the opportunity to be here today, so I will work harder than anyone to achieve my dream, Passion Tree a global beast.
Amount Raised : $78,818
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