Low Cost Snow Making

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Common Stock
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Portland, ME
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December 06, 2021
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September 01, 2022
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Company Description

We are disrupting the world of snowmaking with solutions that enable ski resorts to virtually eliminate CO2 emissions and reduce energy costs by 30%. The SnowPod System captures water from the mountain's accessible, high elevation springs and streams before it flows down. The system feeds water to nearby snowguns where it is converted to snow and blasted onto the slopes. The snow eventually melts and continues its natural path to the lakes and rivers below

Key Deal Facts

Climate crisis is warming ski resorts, forcing costly, water and energy-hungry snowmaking machines to worsen global warming.
The current 50 yr. old process uses electricity to pump large amounts of water several miles from distant lakes and rivers and then several thousand feet up a mountain to where the water is connected to snowgunsto make snow.
Amount Raised : $1,070,000
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