Iron Lilly

Bringing the incredible story of Lilly Farrow to the big screen!

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Entertainment, Media, Retail, Film & Video
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Hartsville, TN
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April 29, 2024
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Key Deal Facts

A timeless, incredible true story that we believe will entertain and inspire audiences worldwide.
Winner of numerous awards including the Nashville Film Festival Audience Award for Best Film**
"Rock Star" advisory team & key industry partners to ensure movie authenticity.
Ongoing engagement of the $100 billion Powersports community to build support and anticipation.
Building awareness of Lilly's amazing story to women's support & empowerment groups
Team has lifetimes of experience in movies, music, branding, powersports and licensing.
Core market of 9.2 million motorcyclist in USA alone, Riders Share estimates 600 million globally
Multiple potential revenue streams from movie, ancillary products & licensing opportunities

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Yochanan Marcellino ProducerCo-Founder, President and CEO of Iron Lilly, LLC, City of Peace Media and City of Peace Films, Inc. His 40+ years as a Music and Film Producer in the entertainment industry has encouraged the hearts of millions around the world., Michael Johnson Iron Lilly, llc., Exec. ProducerEntrepreneur involved in a number of companies over the years usually as co-founder/owner including Esenjay Petroleum, Aptera Motors, Flux Power, Honey Brake Lodge, The Confluence Group, and now a founder of Iron Lilly, LLC. Motorcyclist., Bryan Carroll Executive Producer
Critically acclaimed and award-winning filmmaker. He is known for major Hollywood blockbusters such as Titanic, Diehard, Maleficent II, and Miami Vice, and iconic documentaries like Living in the Age of Airplanes, Skid Row, and Why We Ride., Jill Parham Founder of J&P CyclesSturgis Hall of Fame, President, National Motorcycle
Museum, Top 100 women in Powersports, Gail Worth Dealer Principal, Gail's Powersports, Grandview, MO.Top 100 women in Powersports, Marilyn Stemp Moto Journalist/AuthorSturgis Hall of Fame, Top 100 women in Powersports, Tigra Tsujikawa Member TOP 100 Women in PowersportsRider/Enthusiast/Marketing Maven, Cris Sommer Simmons Moto Journalist/AuthorNational Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame, Sturgis Hall of Fame, AMA Hall of Fame, Top 100 women in Powersports, Brittney Olsen Racer, RestorerFounder 20th Century Racing,
Co-Founder, VP, The Spirit of Sturgis, Top 100 women in Powersports, Jerry Marcellino ProducerAs a legendary music producer Jerry has combined sales of 50 million albums worldwide. Producing the likes of Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Bobby Darin and Frankie Valli just to name a few. He brings over 50+ years of experience to the Iron Lilly movie., Donald Noes Executive ProducerBringing 35 years to the entertainment industry, Noes served as SVP of Sales & Marketing for the Sony/Provident Music Group In 2012, Noes became Chief Operating Officer for City of Peace Media, Co-Producer, and Executive Music Producer for The Identical., Bob Althoff Exec. ProducerOne of the owners of the Farrow dealerships in the greater Columbus area. Owner of Dealernews. Bob has a lifelong dedication to the business, lifestyle, community and sport of motorcycles. Motorcyclist., Sarah Hardwick Marketing AdvisorCMO Aptera Motors. Founder of award-winning agency Zenzi. History of success collaborating with high-profile brands including Nestle, Chiquita, Crystal Geyser, AOL/Mapquest, Churchill Downs, DirecTV., Erich NICHOLS LegalErich Nichols J.D., L.L.M is a partner in the law firm of Nine29 Advisors, PLLC. He primarily concentrates in regulatory, business and corporate matters, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property licensing & finance & transactional work. Motorcyclist.
Amount Raised : $84,085
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