a)plan coaching, LLC

a)plan coaching, LLC

Optimized and scalable version of traditional one-on-one coaching

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January 07, 2022
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March 12, 2022
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Company Description

a)plan is taking traditional one-on-one coaching – a resource already used at the highest levels of 40% of Fortune 500 companies, leading businesses, and start-ups – and making it available to more levels of more companies in more industries and markets.

To date, coaching has not been a scalable industry. Coaching is too expensive for broad application in most companies because there have been very few economies of scale, until now. The user experience in most instances is fairly outdated and there has been very limited application of technology. Historically, there has been a significant variability in the service offering and levels of quality. However, due to the rising levels of chronic stress in the workplace (83% of US workers suffer from work related stress), which has an enormous cost for businesses worldwide, there is an opportunity to create a unified, scalable, high quality, and cost-effective solution: a)plan coaching. 

a)plan is solving these problems in the industry and realizing this opportunity by creating a scalable coaching platform. By making coaching more efficient, which enables us to lower the cost, we can expand the market. a)plan has created a standardized and holistic method so that individuals and teams across organizations can share consistent tools, language, and approaches. From a tech standpoint, we have created a simple yet powerful app with video conferencing, text chat, time stamped session notes, notifications, client management tools, and more. 

From a tech standpoint, we have created a simple yet powerful app with video conferencing, text chat, time stamped session notes, notifications, client management tools, and more.

In order to ensure the impact, a)plan has designed ways to track and measure the effectiveness of the coaching because we know that the tracking of ROI is critical for our customers. Evidence of such ROI can be seen in one organization's attrition rate dropping from 35% to nearly 0% after working with a)plan. Employers are increasingly understanding that focusing on mental health is critical for employee success, and those that take action are being rewarded.

So far, with limited marketing, we’ve secured and retained dozens of corporate clients  and hundreds of individual clients – representing over $200k in Monthly Revenue - 4X monthly rev. since Oct 2020.


Invest $20,000  and receive 1 month of free a)plan coaching

Invest $50,000 and receive 3 months of free a)plan coaching

Invest $100,000 and receive  6 months of free a)plan coaching

It is advised that you consult a tax professional to fully understand any potential tax implications of receiving investor perks before making an investment.

Please note that due to share price calculations, some final investment amounts may be rounded down to the nearest whole share - these will still qualify for the designated perk tier. Additionally, investors must complete the online process and receive an initial email confirmation by the deadline stated above in order to be eligible for perks.

Key Deal Facts

4X+ monthly revenue since October 2020 to $218K for October 2021 (unaudited)

Secured a renewing engagement at the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley to coach 40 CEOs in their Executive Education program

48 high-level coaches trained in a)plan's proprietary method, which includes use of its app-based coaching platform

Secured and expanded an engagement to coach 40 Under Represented Employees at Stripe, which was expanded after an initial 6 month pilot

Helped the Tides Foundation, where a)plan has been an ongoing coaching resource, reduce attrition from 35% annually to near zero (based on Tides Foundation self-reporting)

Use of Proceeds

If minimum amount is raised:
100% - Technology and Design

If maximum amount is raised:
50% - Technology and Design
25% - Training and QA/QC
25% - Operational Growth
Amount Raised : $323,422
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