Helping people recover lost crypto.

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Crypto & Blockchain
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Boston, MA
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January 31, 2022
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April 29, 2024
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In the world of cryptocurrency, not being able to find information on your hard drive can mean losing a potential fortune. ScanHash is eliminating this concern by helping people recover lost cryptocurrency.

With the click of a button and the wallet owner’s permission, ScanHash’s innovative program launches and immediately integrates with customers' technology systems to search for clues and traces of their private key, digital wallets and other crypto-enabling logs and records. Thanks to ScanHash’s proprietary digital forensics technology, recovering lost cryptocurrency has never been more affordable, accessible, and safe.


Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Robert Waterman
A cross-industry entrepreneur, Robert Waterman has years of experience as a successful founder and investor. Former roles include Founder of the fashion brand Cupcrew and Founding Investor of Deuce Drone, a drone company enabling same-day delivery for retailers. Robert was also a key leader in the launch of Netplayer, the precursor to Facebook Live and the first live video application on the Facebook platform.

Bamlak Gessessew
Bamlak Gessessew brings years of experience and technical expertise to the ScanHash team. Bamlak holds a B.S. in Computer Science from MIT, where he also served as a Software Developer for the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society and the Edelman Lab: Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center. Bamlak’s credentials also include software engineering and business analyst roles at Facebook, Ripple, and McKinsey.

Steve Polgar
Steve Polgar is the Founder & CEO of Meowcoin, the cryptocurrency that is designed to help individuals and businesses transfer money while supporting the welfare of animals. In addition to his direct experience building crypto, Steve has an impressive track record of developing internet technologies and other companies. At age 14, Steve created his high school’s first website, and he is currently the owner of a diamond business and an insurance agency. Steve’s accolades also include the President's Volunteer Service Award, which he received from George W. Bush in 2004, and the President's Lifetime Achievement Award, which he accepted in 2017 from Barack Obama as the youngest ever recipient.

Ryker Milhorn
With nearly a decade of experience marketing, managing, and developing startups, Ryker Milhorn leads ScanHash’s marketing efforts. Former roles include Account Manager at AdGenics and Director of Business Development at The Draft Network.

Jonathan Gottehrer
Business Development
A graduate of SUNY Albany with a B.S. in Economics and CEO of Aerovon Corporation, Jonathan Gottehrer has proven expertise in Deal Flow, IR, Business Development, Capital Raising, and Sales. Jonathan held previous roles at Morgan Stanley, Aerovon and

Nick Putrino
Florida Gulf Coast University alum and crypto community leader Nick Putrino serves as ScanHash’s Cryptologist. As a former ABC/NBC/CBS Sports employee and Digital Specialist & Sales Manager at Townsquare Media/Nexstar Broadcasting, Nick brings technical and analytical experience to the ScanHash team. Nick is also the Founding Father of the Cryptologist Trading Club.
Amount Raised : $41,729
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