Only end-to-end electric vehicle charging enterprise in the U.S.

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Pasadena, CA
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June 03, 2022
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We’re at the forefront of America’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry, uniquely positioned with end-to-end capabilities that our growing customer base needs. Not even Tesla offers the range of capabilities that we do

Key Deal Facts

Nearly $13 million of signed installation contracts to date.
70,000+ successfully installed and operating electric vehicle charging projects in public and private sectors -- including deployments with Amazon, Major City Government Agencies and more. Our footprint already includes deployments in California, Utah, Florida, Michigan, Hawaii and other states as we expand across the U.S.
We already have traction with key blue-chip clients and have secured strategic partnerships with automakers such as Nissan, GM and Fiat Chrysler.
Fully licensed as an electrical engineering firm and electrical contractor in all 50 states in the U.S. Fully developed SaaS network that can enable payments across the country.
Experienced startup team with multiple successful exits and deep experience in engineering, EV, general contracting, ATM and government contracts
Amount Raised : $9,700
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