Trella Technologies, Inc

Trella is a patented automated plant training robot to grow more with less time, space and waste

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Bourne, MA
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April 30, 2023
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Company Description

It's the only automated patented solution to growing tall fruiting and flowering plants via stacked vertical farming.
Since our patent was granted, revenue has increased by 19X. Our units are being distributed all across the US.
Including Cannabis and food producers, there is a $380 billion agricultural market projected by 2027.
Developing partnerships with the Turtle Mountain Band - Chippewa Tribe, University of DC & others.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Aja Atwood CEO/CofounderNatural catastrophe risk engineer focusing on indoor farming and food justice. Graduated cum laude from Northeastern University’s College of Engineering. In 2011, started her first entrepreneurial venture.

An educator, speaker and team leader., Andres Chamorro III VP of Engineering/CofounderAreas of expertise include Computer-Aided Design/Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), design for manufacturability, ergonomics and human factors, and general fabrication and prototyping. Currently holds 29 issued patents, with 48 additional patents pending., Beth Waterfall Benefits Director - Board MemberBeth's business development & corporate communications strategic services are focused entirely on the cannabis industry and a select group of ancillary companies looking to enter the cannabis industry in a responsible, inclusive, & compliant fashion., Abdo Riani Sales & Marketing Strategist - Board MemberPh.D., founder of VisionX Partners and active contributor to publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. He built and helped launch products that serve thousands of customers., Shaleen Title Strategist & Activist - Board MemberAn Indian-American attorney & longtime drug policy activist who has been writing, passing, & implementing equitable cannabis laws for over 20 yrs. The CEO of the Parabola Center to create model policies to protect people versus corporate profits., Matthew Waddell Product ManagerProject management for semiconductor industry to rally car design for Subaru Motorsports USA.
Also, the founder of Runner’s High, the first THC containing athletic fuel formulated specifically for “cann-athletes.”, Sheri Lupoli Community Engagement and Program InitiativesA communications specialist with over 20 years' international experience in program development and collaborations. She is an activist for Cannabis and food security, working with communities to provide education and empowerment., Tsehaitu Abye Social Media StrategistA business coach and entrepreneur focusing on the intersection of cannabis and community. She provides wellness professionals, cannabis brands and creatives with innovative marketing and sales solutions that educate and engage audiences., Denise Geanacopoulos Director of OperationsOver 20 years of leadership and operations experience in financial services, education and political campaigns., Joshua Byrd Product LiaisonA focus and passion to connect with individuals of all walks to create sustainable solutions for the human race. The goal is to find and execute ways to create generational wealth while positively impacting the next generation., Keidi Carrington Counsel - Corporate AttorneyBrings a wealth of legal knowledge and business experience in the financial services area with a particular focus on investment management. A former securities examiner at the United States Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)., Keith Wood Counsel - Intellectual Property AttorneyOver 20 years of experience as an advisor in intellectual property matters both in the U.S. and abroad. A seasoned patent prosecutor assisting start-ups, universities, and companies of all sizes with building strategic patent portfolios.
Amount Raised : $92,133
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