B-Side the Tracks Brewing Company

B-Side the Tracks Brewing Company

B-Side the Tracks Brewing Company is seeking investment
to open a Brewery in Olde Town, Conyers, Georgia.

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June 24, 2022
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December 31st, 2027
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Company Description

B-Side the Tracks Brewing Company will be the first Brewery and Distillery in Conyers, Georgia, a 5,279 sq ft building that will house the Brewery and Restaurant and roof-top patio for live music and events. B-Side the Tracks’ line of products and services will feature:


B-Side the Tracks Brewing Company is offering perks to investors.You earn the most valuable perk available based on your total investment amount in this business. You will not also receive the perks of lesser value, unless specified below.

The Passenger Level

Invest $500 or more to qualify.
23 of 25 remaining
Your ‘Ticket to Ride’ at this level gets you 2 for the price of one, beer for an entire year. Plus, you get your investment back AND a 60% return on that investment after 5 years. Do the math! (And YES - you get an actual ‘Ticket to Ride’ membership card.)

The Conductor Level

Invest $1,000 or more to qualify.
23 of 25 remaining
Your ‘Ticket to Ride’ at this level gets you 2 for the price of one, beer for an entire year. AND you also get some custom ‘Ticket to Ride’ swag. After all you ARE the Conductor. Plus, you get your investment back AND a 60% return on that investment after 5 years, too. (And YES - you get an actual ‘Ticket to Ride’ membership card.)

The Engineer Level

Invest $2,500 or more to qualify.
23 of 25 remaining
Your ‘Ticket to Ride’ at this level gets you 2 for the price of one, beer for an entire year. AND you also get some custom ‘Ticket to Ride’ swag. AND you get a custom designed 60 oz., Matte Black, Double wall, Vacuum insulated, Stainless Growler. But wait, there’s more… You only pay 1/2 price for your growler fills for an entire year because… YOU are the Engineer and you’re driving this train! (Beware of ‘Rule G.’) Plus, you get your investment back AND a 60% return on that investment after 5 years, too. (And YOU get an actual ‘Ticket to Ride’ membership card.) Stay hydrated, my friend. 

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Amy Johnson
Founder & BrewMaster
Amy has been in the Accounting and Finance world since she was old enough to punch the keys on an adding machine. More than that, she’s wildly organized and finds every opportunity to perform on stage with OnStage Atlanta. HOWEVER, Now, she a graduate of the American Brewers Guild Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering Degree Program and has been working at Terrapin Beer in Athens, Georgia. Whoa!

The Good Old Days of Property Management:Amy was in Property Management for over 10 years. With Schaedle/Worthington Residential (and SWH Property Management), she was the Accounting Manager, Development Controller and Partnership Accountant, responsible for supervising the Property and Development Accountants, and preparing 141 tax returns in 9 states each year, analyzing balance sheets, maintaining all permanent files, providing analysis and distribution of proceeds from sales of properties, preparing draw and development expense reconciliations, monthly journal entries, reviewing checks before signing, liaising with Property Tax Accountants and working directly with Senior management and the Owners.

Amy’s next step up was with HMI Property Solutions, Inc. where she was the Controller and Network Administrator. She handled the entire accounting, financial
reporting, reconciliation and analysis functions for 18 entities including notes to
financial statements and cash flow reports. As the Network Administrator, she
purchased, con- figured and installed all new computer hardware and software, along with troubleshooting, password security, ran Help Desk support for every user, and was the liaison for the property management software tech support and external
computer consultants. She was awarded the Employee of the Year Award while a work-at- home-mom raising our youngest daughter (the Wonder Woman thing).

Bright Lghts - Big City:Amy’s next opportunity was as Finance and Technology Director with Kairos Development Corporation (developers of such residential and commercial properties as The Aramore, The Astoria, BuggyWorks, Jefferson Station and Avignon at Vinings) where she was finally able to climb over 15 stories to the top of the Astoria building on a construction crane perched over Peachtree Road (more of the Wonder Woman thing). After that, the topping-off party was routine fun for her.

Give me the Beads:Amy was formerly, the Controller with Cellofoam North America, Inc. who manufactures expanded polystyrene products for the building supply, packaging and construction industries. She manages the A/R, A/P and Accounting staff, prepares the monthly, quarterly, annual, and special financial reports for each one of the 13 locations in 5 states, and also serves as the 401k plan administrator.

At this point Wonder Woman has nothing on Amy. And when she talks about brewing beer for Terrapin, and soon to be brewing her own beers... you know it’s her dream come true.

Tom Johnson
Founder & Executive Chef
Tom is a US Army Veteran, and he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of South Alabama as well as an Associates Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from the Art Institute of Atlanta where he graduated with Honors. He’s also a graduate from the University or Vermont’s Business of Craft Beer Professional Certificate Program and runs a Promotional Products business in his ‘spare’ time.

Sales with a bit of McGuyver:Tom spent 10 years in retail management with Radio Shack after he graduated from USA. He’d been working part-time as a salesman while in college. When he graduated, he was accepted into the Corporate Management Training program in Fort Worth, and a few weeks after he graduated, he was offered his own store in Pensacola, Florida. His jack-of-all-trades personality kicked in and he hopped between Pensacola, FL and Mobile, AL stores. He remodeled all the stores he was picked to manage, winning sales performance awards at each of them. His store in Milton, FL sold $57,000 worth of cellphones in one weekend (the bag phones and the brick phones). He was promoted to District Sales Manager Trainee and awarded both of the Radio Shack stores in Lenox Mall to remodel and eventually bring to million dollar store status.

Tom has never met a circuit board, kitchen appliance, poorly built home, shower, sink, garbage disposal, pool pump, Mac or PC that ever got the best of him. He was watching a video about what it takes to be a brewery owner a few weeks ago and they said that someone on staff needs to be able to handle fixing pumps and motors and bandaging up other equipment from time to time. Check, he’s got it under control.

‘Drawing’ on his passion:Tom really wanted to be an Architect when
he grew up (and interned for one during High School). So, going back to school for a degree in graphic design seemed like a good compromise when his new girlfriend said she wasn’t waiting for 5 more years to get married. Enter Amy. While he was attending the Art Institute, he wiggled himself into a job as an intern at Fletcher Martin and Associates and was hired full time after graduation. He worked on advertising campaigns for Arby’s, Mrs. Winners and Lee’s Chicken, the Inaugural Season of the Atlanta Thrashers and helped break the phone bank for the Georgia Ride-Find Campaign due to all the calls from the advertisements. He went on to Bayless Cronin and worked on the Hawks and Church’s Chicken accounts and years later, finally ended up as the sole Art Director for a Management Consulting firm after winning several design awards. He started his own Promotional Products Design and Consulting business after a layoff there.

Wrapping it all up:Advertising, Marketing, Promotional Products, broken pumps, computers, sales and running wire to a tent 4 kilometers from HQ in the rain, Tom can get it done. An instructor of his at the Art Institute wrote a recommendation for him that said, “Tom could dig an aqueduct to rival the Romans with nothing but a spoon.” Tom is also preparing for the next season of Master Chef.
Amount Raised : $79,300
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