Ana’s Norwegian Bakeri

Ana’s Norwegian Bakeri

Ana’s Norwegian Bakeri is seeking investment
to secure working capital as we continue to grow our business.

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Revenue Sharing
Food & Bev
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September 16, 2022
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December 31st, 2027
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Company Description

Welcome to Ana's Norwegian Bakeri!

We are a bakery that specializes in Norwegian pastries and baked goods.

We specialize in Norwegian style Cinnamon Rolls, School Rolls, Raisin Rolls, Sweet Cardamom Rolls, and Sunshine Rolls, as well as baked breads and cakes.

Whether you grew up with these baked goods, or are brand new to Norwegian baked goods, these pastries and bread are sure to transport you to a delicious cafe in Norway.


Ana’s Norwegian Bakeri is offering perks to investors.You earn perks based on your total investment amount in this business.

Logo mug perk

Invest $500 or more to qualify.
10 of 10 remaining
The first 10 investors who invest a minimum of $500 will get an Alice the Logo mug shipped to them (if local investment you are welcome to come pick one up at our Bakeri).

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ana Fanakra
I grew up in Norway, but moved to America after graduating high school in 1999. I have been a baker my whole life, and when COVID-19 hit and I lost my job I decided to bake and sell iconic Norwegian pastries. I started my business by selling online and at Farmers Markets and the support from customers was so wonderful that I ended up opening my first bakery location after one year, and I'm so excited to offer baked goods to a larger audience.

I love the community we’re building within the community. We host two Norwegian meetings monthly, and offer Norwegian books and magazines to our customers and/or anyone who is interested in them.

I have a previous career in HR, and I enjoy working with people. I am a see-a-need fill-a-need type of person, and will always strive to be the best I can be.
Amount Raised : $13,500
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