Sensor Technology for Energy Transformation

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Common Stock
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July 27, 2022
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February 06, 2023
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Company Description

MicroSilicon has developed a digital flow assurance platform to bring more sustainable operations to traditional oil and gas production by improving the operational efficiency of chemical use and dosage for oil extraction. Our patented technology leverages quantum chemistry, AI and machine learning to significantly reduce costs, waste and the associated carbon footprint.


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Key Deal Facts

MicroSilicon has $1.6M in revenue to date, with an additional $1M worth of contracts in our pipeline for pilot projects with several of the world’s top oil producers, including the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Our mission is to become leaders in digital flow assurance which is a total addressable market that we estimate at $2.7B*.

We believe MicroSilicon holds a strong patent portfolio, with 16 granted or licensed patents and additional patents pending. As one of the first movers in the market, we anticipate this will offer us a competitive advantage which may increase even further as our differentiation continues.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ben Vershcuere

Board Director

Fintech executive with extensive experience in capital markets. 
Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Treasure a Fintech company providing outsourced treasury and CFO operation for small and medium businesses. 
Worked for 10 years for Peter Thiel family office and hedge fund (Clarium) as a portfolio manager and macro strategist helping Peter deploy capital across the world. Subsequently launched and successfully ran his own family office leveraging the experience gained with Thiel.
Ben is Part time & works 1 hour / week.

John Lovell

VP Technology & Strategy

What I've enjoyed most in my career have been the opportunities to take simple ideas in physics and create new business opportunities. If there's a differential equation to be solved, so much the better!
Over the past 20yrs, I have created technology and markets for: real-time LWD imaging, electromagnetic MWD telemetry, optically enabled Coiled Tubing and real-time sandface monitoring on Dual Stage subsea completions. 
Now focusing on techniques to better extract valuable production and reservoir information from permanent microwave, electrical and optical sensing, with particular emphasis on production management and flow assurance.
John is Full time & works 40 hours a week at Microsilicon.

Torger Skillingstad

Senior Advisor

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated track record in the oil & energy industry. 
Strong subsurface knowlegde background including reservoir, drilling & completions. Skilled in Management, and Organizational Leadership. 
Skilled business development professional with a MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Rogaland University.
Torger is Part time & works 1 hour / week at Microsilicon

Adam Haun

Senior Software Architect

I am an electronics engineer with fifteen years of experience in firmware development, mixed-signal systems, low-level communications, and IoT. My particular specialty is in understanding and developing complex systems. I am also an excellent communicator, and use my skills for training and collaborative work. I have a record of both leading and assisting in long-term investigations to uncover the root causes of technical problems. I've kept up my math and science learning since college, which helps me to quickly learn new technical skills.

John Henry Alzate

Product Deployment Engineer

Technically sophisticated engineering professional with solid history of production optimization, surface facilities and field operations in the Oil and Gas industry.
• Broad knowledge and success in an engineering development environment, to include reservoir characterization and geological modeling of conventional and unconventional plays.
• Success developing, executing, and analyzing project designs, production monitoring, production optimization, artificial lift systems, basic reservoir analysis, and surveillance.
• Skilled team leader and trainer with a track record of directing multiple tasks effectively to ensure on target completion of all deliverables; engineering design, and process improvement.
• Outstanding interpersonal and communication strengths leveraged to understand and drive continuous performance improvement in well productivity, cost efficiency, well sequencing, and overall strategy.
John is Full time & works 40 hours a week at Microsilicon.
Amount Raised : $69,945
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