Simple On-Demand Laundry Delivery

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Key Deal Facts

30% monthly compound growth for 12 months.
23% contribution margins.
76% customers order more than once. $985 avg. customer revenue / year.
$1.50 per pound for regular laundry. 24 hr turnaround.
US laundry service market: $14B.
$2.5M Annual Revenue Run Rate in NYC alone. Expanding to more cities in 2016.
Select investors: Y Combinator, Garry Tan, Paul Buccheit, Alexis Ohanian, 500 Startups.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Tom Harari CEOTom is the former Dir. of Digital Strategy at iAcquire. SEO Strategist at Omnicom Media. He has worked for the Israeli Parliament. Bilingual in English and Hebrew., Chen Atlas CTOChen was recruited out of high school at age 15 by the Israeli army to build their logistics platform. Formerly an engineer for Exzac, Essence Security and Mamram., Itay Forer COOItay ran internal operations for the $500M fashion brand Elie Tahari. Business Development at Instinct Technological and Security Operations for the Consulate General of Israel in NYC., David Salsone Operations, Natasha Benacerraf Community Manager, Alex Prober System Architect, Véronique Cadet Operations, Justin Kan Advisor/ Partner at Y Combinator, Founded Exec, Garry Tan Advisor/ Cofounder at Posthaven,, Ran Grushkowsky Advisor/ Co-Founder WireCash, Serial Entrepreneur, Tristan White Operations, Greg Meyers Operations and Logistics Associate, Justin Lottie Operations and Logistics, Itay Forer I'm a serial entrepreneur who built a business from day 1 with an initial team of 3 to managing a 300 person workforce. Y Combinator alumni
Amount Raised : $42,350
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