Queer Spaces, Inc.

Building the Queer Discord

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Technology, Retail, Community & Lifestyle, Social Impact
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Los Angeles, CA
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April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

The first queer app to span the entire spectrum of over 400 million LGBTQ+ people
Creating a digital safe space for queer people, 66% of whom have experienced online discrimination
Successful MVP launch on March 1
Growing 80-400% per month
Featured as "App of the Day" by Apple on June 26 (Pride Sunday)
Advice and investment by Sean Rad, Founder of Tinder, and other high-profile individuals
Team has already successfully built Hornet, a top queer social network with 2.5 million MAU globally
Here, queer people are celebrated for who they are, connecting in group chats over shared interests

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Christof Wittig CEO and FounderCEO and Founder at Hornet and Queer Spaces. Christof is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, Casey Crawford OperationsCasey previously served as the General Manager for gay dating app Daddyhunt and also in various roles in NYC government during Mayor Bloomberg’s administration., Jeanne Fourie ProductJeanne has worked as an independent designer for over 10 years. Her background includes a degree as an Industrial Designer, and a Masters in Interaction Design. She has worked for multiple startups in edu-tech, med-tech, linguistics and marketing., Stephan Horbelt TalentA former entertainment attorney, Stephan has worked in queer media for nearly 20 years, previously the Editor-in-Chief of L.A.’s Frontiers Magazine., Daniel Addice MarketingWith an editorial, marketing and design background, Danny has worked in queer media for over 10 years. He previously served as Content Director for the Morgan Fine Arts Building in Brooklyn and as Managing Editor for Underwear Expert., Shon Washington TalentShon is a gay Navy veteran with a background in business development and scaling military-focused career accelerators. He has shifted his focus to help develop a safe and inclusive platform for the LGBTQ+ community., Fatima Rouina TalentFatima served as Hornet's Brand Partnerships Director before joining the Spaces BizDev team. She has over 10 years of experience in queer digital advertising, previously working for renowned French media companies Têtu and Yagg., Tori Lima ContentTori has a background in social media management and content strategy. They have joined the Spaces team, using their experience to create meaningful content for the LGBTQ+ community., Louis Dresse GrowthLouis graduated as a business engineer and then directly embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by creating his own app geared towards the LGBTQ+ community. Still an entrepreneur at heart and a data lover, Louis has since joined the Spaces team., Abby Nurock TalentAbby has a background in visual communications, branding and marketing and previously served as an Art Director in advertising. Her extensive experience in the entertainment industry has equipped her with a deep understanding of human dynamics., Matt Hirst EngineeringMatthew has been building and scaling successful web applications for over 12 years. From B2B applications like DeviceMagic, which was recently acquired, to heading up the team working on Hornet, one of the world’s largest gay social networks., Harry Burc WebHarry has been building websites for as long as he can remember. Starting his career more than 10 years ago, he has worked in various industries including television and education before shifting his focus to queer-tech in 2017., Pavol Kmet DevelopmentPavol has been an iOS Developer for more than 7 years, having worked on many successful projects that were recently acquired. He also created several applications for iOS and iPadOS platforms and served as a lecturer in various iOS academies., Fiona Suherman DesignWith a background in design, illustration and production, Fiona has worked for several design studios with highlights in typography and animation., Andrii Mazurenko ProductAndrii started his journey in IT as a Support Team Member at Hornet Networks Inc. He was promoted to Feature Request Manager, Beta Tester Community Program Manager, and QA.
Amount Raised : $916,775
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