Breakthrough Technology Increases Green Energy Output & Reliability—Lowers Cost

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Santa Cruz, CA
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October 28, 2022
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Key Deal Facts

$400K+ in prizes & vouchers from U.S. Department of Energy & California Energy Commission.
Patents granted for U.S. & key European markets.
Projected revenue from multi-year service contracts by 2026: $160 million.
First customer signed. Three customer LOIs.
Team of global renewable energy industry veterans with strong track records.
infiniRel technology increases clean energy reliability, stability & affordability.
Saves consumers money & decreases CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.
The system will enable sustainable growth of a trillion-dollar renewable energy market.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Bert Wank Founder & CEOPower product innovator with 14 new power product line launches, including the world’s first standard Li-Ion safety chip.
Co-invented the first early warning system for power electronics., Andreas Schneider Chief Marketing Officer Generated $3 billion (and counting) in sales in his career.
Director of Global Services for inverter manufacturer acquired by Siemens. Former executive at a Top 100 innovator, where he led major telecom operator transformations., Marco Marazzi VP Software EngineeringMarco architected, designed and implemented two cloud-based financial planning platforms. His work was instrumental for Oltis’ acquisition by Envestnet for over $30M in 2015. Marco was Financial Advisor for JP Chase Morgan and Morgan Stanley., Carrie Nikitin Strategic Advisor — Technology Licensing Five-time CEO, most recently for a technology licensing company specializing in noise filtering. Advisor for Innovation-For-Good, chair of the Sustainable Communities Project, serial entrepreneur with two successful exits., Jerry Walker Technical Advisor — Power Electronics Implemented advanced error-correction algorithms for first generation DVDs; designed complex medical instruments; architected a power conversion system to charge and test a large battery network., Charles Nunu Policy AdvisorCharles is an experienced trader for renewables in international markets. In 2005, he founded Element Markets, LLC, a renewable energy and emissions-based trading enterprise, and earlier founded an agricultural trading company in Switzerland.
Amount Raised : $177,890
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