Organic materials for the new generation of sustainable consumer electronics

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Technology, Energy, Financial Services, Retail, Education
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Charlotte, NC
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April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

Margik obtained "yes" from all 7 judges on the investment show Unicorn Hunters.
Purchase your own World's first OLED light up sticker here
Since Unicorn Hunters appearance we reduced the price of OLED Light up stickers to $18.99 to purchase single
We offer up to 40% discount on orders above 25,000
$1.2M raised from government contracts, accelerators and private capital
Team with 90 year of experience in consumer electronics and lighting;

Repeat founders with 3 exits
Patent-pending materials enable
80% faster manufacturing process,
66% reduction of CO2 emissions

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Margaret Kocherga Founder & CEOMaterials scientist for organic electronics; Toxicity of heavy metals specialist; clean tech enthusiast; women in science advocate; TEDx Speaker; ballerina; trilingual
Amount Raised : $54,013
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